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In today’s data-driven society, secure IT asset disposition is a critical part of your business plan. Whether you’re updating, upgrading, or decommissioning IT assets, GCI’s rigorous process provides a safe and environmentally-sustainable solution tailored to your needs.

Healthcare Assets

Patient health information is one of the most sensitive kinds of data – and also one of the highest risks for targeted breach. As a certified ITAD vendor, GCI manages asset disposition from end to end, reducing risk and allowing you to focus on caring for your patients. 

Recycling is an integral part of secure ITAD – and an important step to help protect the environment. Responsible E-waste recycling from GCI guarantees that your equipment will not end up in a landfill.  

Data Security

Data is one of your company’s most valuable assets – and safeguarding it is our top priority. Through our commitment to responsible and secure asset disposal, GCI offers proven expertise in mitigating client risk.   

IT Data Center Maintenance

Maintenance is critical to keep a data center running reliably. Our experienced IT professionals know how to avoid expensive errors and unexpected downtime, making GCI a third-party maintenance provider you can trust.