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ITAD in a Box

"ITAD in a Box"

When Covid-19 went global in 2020, the world shut down – and turned to technology to stay connected.

With so many businesses issuing work-from-home mandates, both human resources and IT assets have become increasingly decentralized. Like everyone else, the IT asset disposition (ITAD) industry learned to adapt and innovate. With a focus on convenient, cost-effective and contactless disposition services, ITAD in a Box meets your company’s evolving needs. 


Remote Work

A trend that continues to gain popularity, remote work has led to a proliferation of individual employee IT devices across the country and the globe. But what happens when those employees have been terminated and their equipment requires pickup, or it’s time to decommission those devices? 

GCI’s ITAD in a Box service caters to companies with satellite offices and/or remote employees. Instead of consuming company resources in asset recovery before engaging disposition services, ITAD in a Box allows individual employees to safely and securely ship their devices directly to GCI’s site. Once there, they will be handled exclusively by our trained ITAD specialists in accordance with strict data security measures and in compliance with all environmental regulations. For businesses with unique logistics concerns brought on by a diffuse workforce, it’s the perfect turnkey solution. 

Small Offices

Small business is the backbone of the economy, but size can be a factor when it comes to bringing in a certified ITAD vendor. Maybe you don’t have enough equipment to fill a pallet, and lack the room to store unused devices. Our box service was designed to accommodate your specific requirements. Just provide GCI with a general list of equipment that needs to be wiped, recycled, or refurbished, and we will send you the appropriate number of manageably-sized boxes along with preprinted labels and instructions for prepaid shipping. It’s as easy as 1-2-3, and the perfect cost-effective solution for securely wiping, recycling and remarketing digital assets on a small scale. 

Retail Chains

Our box program also works well for businesses with multiple locations, where onsite pickup would be logistically challenging and cost-prohibitive. Assets can be shipped from individual locations to our facility on an as-needed basis, or as part of a scheduled upgrade, remodel or relocation. Once the equipment is received, we can disposition each type as directed, whether it’s being held for reuse on an as-needed basis, sent to field service for reinstallation at another location, or wiped/reset for remarketing. With our eye toward waste reduction, GCI also offers the choice to reuse boxes from upgraded equipment to ship decommissioned assets to our facility. In this case, we will email shipping labels rather than a physical packaging kit, reducing unnecessary physical waste and costs at the same time.

Types of Equipment

The following types of equipment can be sent using our box service:

  • Desktop PCs
  • Desktop Printers
  • Servers
  • Phones
  • POS Equipment
  • Laptops
  • Monitors 
  • Tablets
  • Electronic Accessories

Security and Tracking

While the ITAD in a Box approach is different, our commitment to responsible and secure disposition of electronic assets remains the same.  From the moment your packages are shipped until we receive them in our warehouse, GCI keeps a recording of each tracking number so that we know where the equipment is at all times.  Once received in our warehouse, all equipment undergoes a thorough audit before moving on to the destruction or recycling stage, with an eye toward maximizing remarketing value. Upon completion, GCI issues a Certificate of Destruction or Certificate of Recycling for each asset, in accordance with regulatory requirements. Our team of experienced, knowledgeable ITAD experts is focused on creating flexible and transparent programs to meet the changing needs of each of our clients, while our core values remain the same.