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Mobile Hard Drive Crusher and Data Destruction

A mobile hard drive crusher for data destruction is a convenient way to mitigate risk. Data breaches are an ongoing problem for modern businesses. Such breaches are highly damaging, both in terms of financial repercussions and loss of reputation.

Preventing a breach requires proactive management of digital data on both active and retired assets.

Increasingly, businesses are looking for ways to improve security and reduce risks associated with data management.

Onsite Data Destruction

When an asset has reached the end of its useful lifespan, data destruction becomes a necessity. Due to regulations and chain of custody liability, many businesses are opting for mobile ITAD options.

Benefits of Onsite Data Destruction Services Include:

Improved Risk Mitigation

An onsite hard drive crusher removes another layer of risk. Destroying data-bearing assets before they leave your premises improves security. With better security comes better peace of mind.

Greater Convenience

Utilizing mobile asset destruction is also more convenient. Onsite services are done on your property, on your schedule. This saves both cycle time and management hassle.

Heightened Transparency

By opting for onsite ITAD services, you’ll be able to watch the process in action. This allows for total transparency. No part of the process is hidden from view. That means you won’t have to wonder what happens to your assets after they leave your custody.

Maximum Simplicity

Onsite data destruction streamlines the ITAD process. Your business’ storage media is moved directly from the secure location to the mobile hard drive crusher. Everything takes place under your own roof.

Certified Equipment and Processes

Mobile units are equipped with industry-leading technology. This helps ensure that the process meets these industry standards:

  • NIST SP 800-88
  • HiTech
  • PCI
  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
hard drive crusher

The MODD Squad

GCI’s mobile onsite data destruction (MODD) services offer unparalleled attention to security and environmental protection, brought right to your door.

But what does the onsite hard drive crusher and data destruction process look like?

Hard Drive Removal Process

Like data breaches, e-waste is an ongoing and growing problem for modern businesses. Electronic assets such as laptop drives, cell phones, and other storage devices contain toxic materials, including lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic.

Keeping these materials out of landfills is critical to environmental and human health. Electronics stewardship requires recycling and refurbishing of unwanted IT assets whenever possible.

However, data security is paramount. Before an asset can be recycled or refurbished, the hard drive needs to be removed and the data destroyed.

The following videos highlight the hard drive removal process:

Lenovo ThinkPad T530 HDD Removal Process

Lenovo ThinkPad T440S HDD Removal Process

Hard Drive Crushing

Once the hard drive is removed, it needs to be destroyed. Crushing is a convenient way to destroy a hard drive and erase data. It accomplishes this by subjecting the hard drive to extreme pressure.

This drive destruction process results in significant physical damage. Shattering the platter and warping the casing renders the hard drive unusable and unreadable.

Our mobile hard drive crushers are NSA listed and NSA approved. That means they meet the National Security Agency’s Media Guidelines for physical data destruction.

Mobile crushers provide effective on site hard drive destruction and convenience. The tabletop unit functions almost anywhere, maximizing flexibility. It’s also quick, completing the crushing process in less than a minute.

The hard drive crusher is capable of destroying hard disk drives (HDD) and solid state drives (SSD.)

Hard Disk Drives

HDDs are the traditional data storage devices. They utilize spinning platters that read and write data.

Wiping and degaussing are both effective methods for erasing HDD digital data without destroying the drive itself. However, that may not always be enough.

For businesses with sensitive data or heightened security concerns, crushing provides fast and reliable data destruction.

The following videos demonstrate the hard drive crushing process:

Garner PD5 2.5 Hard Drive Crushing

Garner PD5 3.5 Hard Drive Crushing

Solid State Drives

SSDs are non-volatile memory devices, meaning they store data without moving parts. They lack the inner rotational magnetic platter found in hard disk drives. As a result, techniques such as degaussing (magnetism removal) are ineffective for SSD data destruction.

Because SSDs can store vast amounts of data on tiny memory chips, any process that leaves intact fragments is not recommended. Crushing warps SSDs to such a degree that data is irretrievable.

The following video provides a demonstration of SSD crushing:

Garner PD5 Solid State Hard Drive Crushing

We’ve Thought of Everything So That You Don’t Have To

When it comes to onsite drive destruction services, we’ve covered our bases – and yours. Prior to destruction, GCI takes an inventory of your devices and audits the list for accuracy. This not only facilitates inventory reconciliation, but also an efficient issuance of the Certificate of Destruction.

Afterward, GCI adheres to rigorous chain of custody protocols while transporting the destroyed materials to a secure facility for recycling. As a certified electronics recycler, we’re compliant with both RIOS and R2 recycling standards.

With Georgia Computer, Incorporated, you can be sure that you’re partnering with an industry leader in responsible ITAD.